West Tucson Mental Health, Inc.

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Peggy A. Davis LCSW, Executive Director  




Anger, relationships, domestic violence, depression, anxiety, phobias, sports psychology, to name a few.

Workshop Descriptions

Please note: If you are ordered by the Court, CPS, Probation or any other legal entity, YOU MUST speak with them first to find out if workshops or therapy with Peggy A Davis, LCSW via West Tucson Mental Health are acceptable to satisfy their requirements. Certificates of Completion are provided at the end of our workshop series (5 to 36 week workshops available).

Women’s Support Group
Any woman over 18. This is a drop-in as you wish group but it is highly recommended you attend at least 3 sessions in a row in order to benefit the most.
Description:This is an educational group that covers topics such as stress, relationships, mental health and its role in women’s lives, assertiveness, setting boundaries, forgiveness, self-esteem, grief and loss, parenting, love, spirituality, health (from youth to maturity) etc.. in a supportive and confidential environment with a verbal promise from each woman to never discuss anything she has heard in group outside the office lounge.

Girls Support Groups
West Tucson Mental Health will soon be offering a weekly support group for teenage girls. Today, young tween and older teen females are under enormous pressure to be academically and socially successful. It is our experience here at West Tucson MH, and from working with this age group, that we find a surge in adolescent depression, eating disorders, self-mutilation, and suicide attempts. Unfortunately, we are a society that has sent the messages that they should be ambitious, nurturing, effortlessly glamorous, thin and successful. We will combine our solution focused and feminist methodologies to help young women foster assertiveness, learn to set personal boundaries, and develop self-esteem as well as learn coping skills to decrease stress, and gain acceptance of who they are. Additionally, by focusing less on themselves and more on their community, we can help them to find a wider sense of purpose and accomplishment.

Seniors Support Group
West Tucson Mental recognizes that older adults experience a unique set of mental health issues and concerns. We therefore offer weekly group therapy for individuals 55 and older that addresses stresses related to caregiving and grand-parenting, depression, loneliness and isolation, grief and loss, life transitions, and frequent hospitalization. Sometimes the mental health of older individuals deteriorates in response to a stroke, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, arthritis or diabetes. Recent research has shown that even those with dementia can greatly benefit from this type of therapy, so we welcome those that experience these wide range of mental, emotion and behavioral disturbances that accompany life through the aging experience.

Anger: Why Am I so Mad Most of the Time?
Anyone over 18. This is an 8 weeks skills workshop and you must commit to attending all 8.
Description:This is a structured workshop type educational group that covers topics such as: Why am I so Angry? Symptoms of Anger and Understanding My Anger. Skills will be taught to not only learn what anger is but how to manage it, express and communicate it in a healthy manner.

Grief Support Group
Grief is a natural response to death or loss. People can experience grief when they are separated from a loved one, leave a job, lose a pet, their kids leave home, or they experience a major life event such as divorce, moving or retiring. Everyone experiences grief and loss in different ways. Some people have healthy coping skills, but some folks, through avoidance of the emotions that surrounds grief, begin engaging in compulsive behaviors, minimizing their feelings, or even self-medicating. They need help to experience healthy grieving so they can function in a healthy manner when attending to their activities of daily living. West Tucson Mental Health offers opportunities for those experiencing grief or loss to mourn and then heal. Weekly facilitated group sessions allow participants to acknowledge grief, allow time to work through it, and then to find support in others.

Parenting 101: Bad Behavior? End it now
Anyone that cares for and about children will benefit from the class. I have had biological and non-biological parents, day cares workers, teachers, foster parents, grandparents and many others.
Description:Ten workshops, lots of practice and patience will show you how to eliminate misbehavior of children. Yes, I say “eliminate”. I am a parent of 6, and have taught for 30 years. To date I have helped over 5,000 people. This works for any children of any age.

All Addictions Education and Support for Relapse Prevention and Recovery Maintenance.
This class is an on-going weekly session where we discuss Addiction and Dysfunctional (Negative) thinking. Addiction comes in many forms but it always plagues the addict with a sense of missing something inside. Addictive thinking and patterns finds addicts looking outside themselves to fill the “void”. Drugs, sex, alcohol, shopping, over-eating, to name a few, temporarily fills that void. You will learn how to recognize the many signs for relapse into unhealthy behaviors. We will focus on how to maintain a stable recovery from ANY ADDICTION. Get ready for a life free of unhealthy thinking and behavior.

Couples Therapy
If you have ever dreamed of having a relationship that is healthy, where communication is easy and you are being heard, the love and respect for each other has returned and you can finally breathe and relax, this class is for you.

ACSE Class. Assertiveness, Communication and Self-Esteem.
Besides couple’s therapy, this is the most popular class I offer. Simply put! If you don’t have a high sense of self or self-esteem, you don’t have much of anything. Self Esteem comes from being happy with the decisions you make, standing up for yourself when you know you are right, forgetting about all that negativity you have faced your entire life, it’s knowing you ARE JUST FINE THE WAY YOU ARE. I’m not saying we humans don’t have down times and that some people with high self-esteem like themselves a bit too much. There is a balance that must be attained and learning some assertiveness techniques of expressing yourself with kindness and respect for you and others, as well as learning some communication skills that help you deal well with others, I can assure you that once you take care of yourself, all the rest will fall into place. You will find that balance.

Impending Groups

Cognitive Therapy: Restructuring the Way We Think and Reducing Dysfunctional Negative Thinking
Relaxation and Stress Reduction
Coping Skills for Everyday Life
Depression: Losing The Blues
Care-Giving For The Loved one With Dementia
Post-Partum Depression
Men's Issues
Kid's Talk on Summer Saturdays
Spirituality: Where Do I Find It?
Sleeping Better: Why You Don’t Need The Pills
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
(in service of our country, its heroes and warriors this group will soon be free to all veterans)

All classes are taught by Peggy A Davis, a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist of 31 years. She is well practiced in the assertiveness lifestyle, minored in families and non-verbal communications in her undergraduate work, as well as taught at the University of Arizona in research, writing, lifestyles and behavioral health, spirituality and health, and healthy communication styles in work and love.