West Tucson Mental Health, Inc.

                         A 501c3 Arizona Charitable Organization    
Peggy A. Davis LCSW, Executive Director  


About Us

Southside Native Tucsonan brings her Professional Therapy Services Home

Peggy A. Davis, (LCSW) a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a talented therapist.
 Finally!  the folks in the Southwest and Tucson Estates area have easy access to professional mental and behavioral health care services that brings a compassion based approach for anyone in any situation also, welcomes anyone interested in improving their overall well-being.
Peggy A. Davis (LCSW) has had a dream for 20 years; to provide mental health services to the community that she has been a part of for most of her life.  As of November 11th of 2011, the dream has become a reality.
Having experienced a need for mental health therapy in her younger years as a victim of domestic violence, and then giving back to the community in service, Peggy discovered she is a natural at providing insight into what constitutes good mental health. Not having the education to do so, she worked relentlessly to put herself through school. Her goal was to attain the credentials to pass on what she attributes as the greatest gift one could receive in their lifetime – a sense of oneself. Peggy has now paid her dues in more ways than one. Now she is ready to serve the Community she dearly loves.

Tucson Mental Health believes that our physical and spiritual health is important, there is no doubt. Our mental health, however, is paramount to our day to day happiness. This portrays the theory having studied; that every one of us needs help from time to time to deal with common problems; stress, anger, depression, mood swings, indecision, the list is extensive. The bottom line the brain is the most important organ in the body. A healthy brain along with good physical and spiritual health makes for a complete and happy life.

Tucson Mental Health provides services in the following areas; parenting, substance abuse, anger, domestic violence, grief and loss, death and dying, aging, eye movement desensitization reprogramming (EMDR), alcoholism, addiction, co-dependence, and many, many more.

Tucson Mental Health- they’re not your traditional mental health service. They are solution oriented – get to the problem, get to the solution, and get well. They also believe that good therapy doesn’t have to expensive, nor should it be.

Peggy has already helped thousands to live a happier, more stable and productive life. Now it is time for giving back to the community that has helped make that happen and has always supported her. Accept the gift of mental health. We promise it will be the greatest gift you have ever received in your lifetime.